Payment Methods On Global, Regional, And Local Scales

The internet has revolutionized global sales, but companies still struggle to cater to diverse customer preferences. In this article, we will examine the varying payment methods preferred by consumers and explore a solution to this challenge.


Diverse societies

The most beautiful aspect of human beings is that we are all unique and diverse. Hence, when we look at different world regions, we can immediately see significant differences in the preferences of the societies. Each region has its own set of cultural, linguistic, religious, and communication factors that shape local preferences. 


Payment method preferences across the globe

There may be hundreds or thousands of distinct societal preferences, but when it comes to selling, one of the most important is providing a suitable payment method. It makes no difference how good or bad your product is if the customer is unable to pay for it due to inappropriate payment methods. 

For example, digital wallets (49%) are the most popular payment method worldwide, followed by credit cards (21%), debit cards (13%), and others.

In North America, credit cards dominate online shopping, but digital wallets are growing in popularity. South America also favours credit and debit cards, but individual countries have unique preferences. For instance, Argentina relies on cash payments via local services, while Brazil prefers credit and debit cards along with a local cash payment method, Boleto Bancario.

In Africa, cash remains the preferred payment method, with delivery companies or local financial institutions enabling cash on delivery options. However, countries like Egypt have started adopting credit cards, decreasing the reliance on cash payments.

European consumers use a mix of digital wallets, cards, and PayPal, with regional and local payment methods also being popular. Local payment methods such as Paysera and Swedish bank cards, for example, dominate the Baltic region on a smaller scale. The UK has seen a surge in Apple Pay adoption, and local payment methods such as iDEAL dominate the Dutch market.

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Asia primarily utilizes digital wallets, with credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and cash-on-delivery also being common. Pakistan favours bank transfers, followed by EasyPaisa, JazzCash, Upaisa, Payooneer, and many others. Visa cards are the most popular in Japan, followed by the Konbini convenience store cash payment system.

Lastly, card payments currently dominate the entire ecommerce sector in Australia. Although digital wallets are the second most popular payment method down under, they are only half as popular as credit cards. The rest of the payment methods are extremely unpopular, with the majority of them only being used experimentally.


Payment method drawbacks

When engaging in cross-border commerce, the availability of specific payment methods is crucial, as it can directly impact profits. But nothing is as simple as it sounds when it comes to payment methods; introducing new payment options has nuances and drawbacks to consider.

For instance, implementing a globally recognized payment method such as PayPal may initially seem uncomplicated. However, upon closer examination, one discovers that this payment option is associated with a high level of fraudulent activity. As PayPal is a popular target for scammers, businesses face a substantial risk of encountering frequent instances of fraud. Moreover, incorporating a less well-known payment method, like Konbini, may present challenges due to the limited familiarity and lack of presence in the company’s primary region. Regardless of the payment method selected, there will invariably be intricacies and hurdles that businesses must overcome to successfully integrate it into their operations.


A way to end the struggles

Instead of navigating the complex payment industry, businesses can turn to providers that specialize in handling various payment methods and related challenges. These companies allow businesses to focus on their core operations while providing access to an extensive range of payment options. Alphacomm is one such company, offering over 200 payment methods and fraud protection services.



For some businesses, the payment industry may appear to be a rabbit hole; however, there are companies, such as Alphacomm, that have spent over 20 years gaining experience and assisting others in this field. Whether it is payment methods, of which we have more than 200, or fraud protection, you can always contact us and seek our professional assistance, which will ultimately lead to your success.

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