SMS top-up now available for Mi-Pay customers

Mi-Pay’s prepaid top-up solution, Reloads, has recently been upgraded. Telecom providers using the Reloads platform can now allow their prepaid customers to top up their credit via SMS, in addition to other methods like automatic top-up, webshops and chatbots. The added channel further increases the user experience of topping up and has a positive effect on ARPU. 

Easy registration process

Once implemented on a top-up page, a prepaid user is now able to navigate to and select SMS top-up as their top-up method. First-time users choosing SMS top-up will be guided through a simple registration process. With this registration, a user permits to debit top-up amounts from the user’s bank account via either SEPA direct debit, credit card or PayPal.

At this time, users are required to register for the services by providing the following information: 

MSISDN — mobile phone number (required*)
The mobile phone number needs to be typed in twice for validation, and an MSISDN check should also be performed at the provider.

SMS top-up PIN (required*)
A 4 digit pin needs to be typed in by the user. The pin needs to be typed in twice to validate that the pin is correct.


Payment methods

Once the SMS top-up is registered, the user needs to set up a payment method to create the payment token for the direct debit. The Reloads platform can support a very wide range of global, regional and local payment methods.  


The top-up process via SMS

Once registration is complete, topping up via SMS is a quick and easy process. To use the service, the user simply needs to send the following information to a predefined number:

  • Short-code or specific word. (e.g. T-Mobile uses the word “KOOP”)
  • Top-up value between €10 – €50 
  • 4-digit PIN. (e.g. 1234)

In practice, to top up their prepaid credit with €10, users would need to send the following message via SMS: KOOP 10 1234. After the message has been received, the top-up is processed and a confirmation message is sent back, indicating the top-up has been successful. 


Future upgrades & feature requests

At Mi-Pay, we’re constantly listening to our partners as a means to continually improve the functionality of our solutions in ways that help them improve their bottom line and satisfy their customers. 

Is there anything we should be looking at? Is there a feature you looked for but did not find on our Reloads website? Let us know. Reach out directly to Alper Altan through our contact form. As the Revenue Ambassador for Reloads, he is always willing to help explain all the features and listen to your feedback.

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