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Zero fraud when selling digital goods

Gift cards, top ups & gaming vouchers are considered high-risk digital goods for a reason. Fraudsters are constantly on the lookout and chargebacks are very costly because the product has already been delivered.

Alphacomm protects businesses selling digital goods like gaming vouchers and gift cards by checking each transaction with its Protectmaxx anti-fraud solution.

Our customers can use Protectmaxx for fraud scoring while remaining responsible for financial losses or opt for full indemnification, whereby they are fully covered for all chargebacks.


Increased ARPU, zero fraud and reduced churn for Telcos

Prepaid telecom providers often struggle with high churn, especially when it comes to prepaid customers. Topping up a mobile phone can be a tedious process.

Alphacomm improves customer loyalty for telcos by making prepaid top-up a more convenient experience.

Our Checkmaxx solution makes customers more sticky, by offering advanced options like automated top-up (recurring payments) and digital top-up via web, app, QR-code, Whatsapp, chatbots and voice assistants.

Checkmaxx can also be expanded with our Protectmaxx solution for 100% fraud protection and revenue maximization.


Payment reminders that convert

Utility firms, like energy companies, water suppliers and telcos regularly struggle to collect open invoices.

Alphacomm reduces the risk of late payments, while bringing down collection costs.

Our Collectmaxx solution helps dunning or collections departments automate the dunning process through a wide variety of digital channels such as voice reminders, WhatsApp, email and interactive video.

Collectmaxx also empowers our customers to make their own flexible payment arrangements and offers self-service via a digital assistant. Our assistant makes it possible to fully automate the handling of inbound calls through conversational AI, without the need for a call centre.


100% fraud protection

Selling high risk digital goods can be a pain for merchants. As a payment service provider, you want to make sure that your customer’s chargebacks and disputes remain at an acceptable level. Otherwise, your merchants run the risk of being blocked by payment methods like PayPal or a CreditCard acquirer.

Alphacomm protects merchants selling digital goods like gaming vouchers, top-ups and gift cards by checking each transaction with our Protectmaxx anti-fraud solution.

Integrating our 100% indemnified solution in your PSP platform is easy and makes sure your merchants stay safe. With Protectmaxx, you don’t have to worry about missed revenue or potential damage to your reputation due to merchants getting blocked.


Faster payment, at lower cost

For debt collection agencies, margins are low. Cost efficiency is key, but so is customer satisfaction.

Collectmaxx improves the efficiency of any debt collection agency while keeping customers engaged. It reduces the DSO and increases the success rate.

Your debt collection becomes state-of-the-art and cost-efficient, thanks to features like a fully customizable reminders flow that includes cutting-edge channels such as interactive video.

Collectmaxx functionality can also be enhanced by combining it with our digital assistant for call centre automation. DA is a conversational AI voice that answers customer queries. It empowers them to make their own flexible payment arrangements via self-service, reducing the need for fully staffed call centres.

Ready to boost your REVENUE?

Alphacomm’s revenue-boosting tools can be used individually,
or in combination for maximum results

Ready to boost your REVENUE?

Alphacomm’s revenue-boosting tools can be used individually,
or in combination for maximum results

Anti-fraud Solution

Eliminate payment fraud, while having one of the highest acceptance rates in the market. Keep your false positives low and your NPS high, with our supervised ML.


Payment Reminders

Settle unpaid bills faster, easier, at much lower costs. Keep customers happy by using their preferred communication channel and making the payment effortless.


Top-ups & Reloads

Enable recurring payments and increase customer loyalty. A cutting edge e-commerce system for high risk digital goods & services.

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