Protectmaxx - cutting-edge fraud prevention solution

What is Protectmaxx?

Protectmaxx is a next-generation anti-fraud solution designed to help e-commerce businesses eliminate fraudulent payments. Protectmaxx is a self-adapting solution, which means it always applies the most cost-effective anti-fraud measure on a per-transaction basis, ensuring that no deceptive payments are processed.


  • Proven Fraud Protection – guaranteed 100% fraud coverage for high-risk digital goods.
  • Chargeback Recovery – no more chargebacks or expensive support with Credit Cards & PayPal.
  • Supervised Machine Learning – advanced supervised Machine Learning to detect trends, optimize algorithms and update schemas.
  • Compliance – fully compliant with PCI and GDPR. Offered with local storage to match all local legislations.
  • 98% Acceptance Rate – even though the conditions in the high-risk digital goods market are trickier than ever, the solution is capable of offering up to a 98% acceptance rate.
  • Widely Applicable – because of the solution’s supervised machine learning and smart and optimal European SCA applications it is capable to provide the best protection for every vertical.
  • Compatibility – Protectmaxx is API-based and comes with extensive documentation, making it highly compatible with all systems and webshops.

Protectmaxx is guaranteed to eliminate fraud and reduce friction at checkout. This allows businesses to accept even the riskiest payment methods, such as PayPal or credit cards. Most importantly, Protectmaxx allows businesses to stop focusing on fraud and start maximizing their profits.


Who is Protectmaxx for?

Protectmaxx is a robust fraud protection solution specifically built to protect merchants selling high-risk (digital) goods and services online.


How does Protectmaxx work?

When a customer initiates a transaction via the payment gateway on your website, a transaction approval request containing the transaction input is routed through Protectmaxx.

The transaction input includes general transaction data, such as the timestamp, product-specific information from the shopping cart, and the shopper’s customer data. If the transaction is processed by a third party, then the full payment details are also included in the transaction input.

The transaction input is then enriched with internal and external data sources, including the customer’s payment & purchase history, the prevalence of previous chargebacks or rejected transactions, as well as the age of the email address, device information, card scheme rejection reasons, and additional third-party feeds. This enrichment process allows for a very thorough analysis, which leads to an accurate risk decision.

To process the vast amount of data supplied, Protectmaxx relies on a unique combination of machine learning and human supervision. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, our analysts check for anomalies, monitor and optimize transaction rules, oversee pattern recognition results, and supervise the machine learning algorithm in order to eliminate any possible biases. The final risk decision is usually done in the blink of an eye and rarely takes more than a second.

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Available Plans

Protectmaxx is able to grow and scale to meet your business needs. We fully comprehend that business sizes vary, which means that their needs do as well. That’s why Protectmaxx is available in three different plans: Essential, Premium, and Enterprise. Essential is a free plan, which our clients can test and experience partial benefits. It includes fraud advice for all major payment methods, supervised machine learning, real-time decisions, a dashboard to gain insights, easy integration via API, and a service desk for quick help as well as support. The premium plan is based on a pay-per-check policy, in which customers receive a chargeback guarantee, dedicated teams to optimize their accounts, smart data enchantments, and a dedicated revenue manager for support. Enterprise is the most complete plan and offers customized pricing, depending on the chosen modules and your business needs. In addition to the benefits provided by the Essential and Premium plans, it includes discounts on extra modules and supplementary smart channels.


Optional Integrations

For the sake of absolute efficiency, Protectmaxx functionality can be further enhanced through integrations of Paymaxx and Vaultmaxx. Paymaxx is a state-of-the-art payment gateway that enables the implementation of all popular local, regional and global payment methods, which will additionally reduce friction at the checkout and improve your conversions. Vaultmaxx is a PCI-certified card vault, allowing you to safely store your customer’s credit card details in the EU. 


Trusted by leaders

Our solution is trusted by industry leaders. Companies like Medion, Giffy, Digital Vouchers, Terd, and Online Aufladen are successfully using our solution and preventing themselves from the negative impacts of fraud.


More information on Protectmaxx?

For more information on Protectmaxx, feel free to contact Lisa de Vreede. As the Protectmaxx Product Owner at Alphacomm, Lisa is looking forward to helping you with any questions you might have regarding Protectmaxx, our anti-fraud solution.

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