More Efficient Debt Collections With Improved Collectmaxx

The team at Collectmaxx, our payment reminder solution, has been hard at work updating the product’s features. As a result of the solution improvements, our customers can now collect payments with even greater efficiency. Today, we will go over the new features and discuss how they contribute to increased efficiency.


Status voice block improvements

The user interface for the status voice block has been altered and improved. The new update allows customers to have a presentation of the status of multiple voice scripts, as well as always having the call-to-action button visible. Additionally, the button’s bucket icon is combined with a text label, improving clarity. Block’s overall fine-tuning enhances user experience by making the block explicit and less ambiguous.

Status Voice Block Improvements

Script ID displays

Reminders’ overview and insight sections have been enhanced by adding script IDs to the reminder events. Customers can now easily find their reminders in the overview section by identifying a corresponding script ID within seconds. Whether it’s an email, SMS, or paylink, they can access the outcome and status of a certain script in a rapid manner. On top of that, when using the insight section, users will be provided with reminders’ script IDs and titles, allowing them to access, monitor, or compare the reminders more quickly.


Updates for import flow

The user interface for importing flows has been revamped. Currently, the selected colour palette, page layout, and single call-to-action buttons will ensure that a specific page focus and details are presented in the clearest and most seamless manner. This will prevent users from forgetting to select and finish certain steps, ensuring a smooth and efficient usage journey.

Updates For Import Flow


Consumer preferred payment methods

The dashboard for reminders has also been updated with information on debt payment methods. Portal users can now see the payment methods, which their customers used to pay. This feature opens up an opportunity for companies to examine and monitor their consumers’ preferences and adjust their business accordingly to the most preferred payment methods. In case the paylink is not yet paid, ‘n/a’ will be displayed.

Consumer Preferred Payment Methods


Testing voice calls

Platform users have access to the feature of testing their voice call reminders and request to review and/or change the scripts. On the right side of the screen where there are the details of a voice script, they can also see and edit a section containing all of the variables associated with a specific voice script. After adjusting and confirming all voice script variables, such as names, amounts, genders, and supplies, the user can request a call, which the system will route to their phone number.

Testing Voice Calls<br />


Status update time

Reminder status update time has been tremendously reduced. New status information associated with a certain transaction is sent immediately and is available for companies to view right away.


Payment confirmation

A new payment confirmation feature has been added for our customers to be able to follow up with an SMS or email after a successful payment is made by their consumers. Once payment is completed, the payer could receive a payment confirmation via a chosen channel. This feature can be enabled for one or more scripts and is available on demand.



Collectmaxx is a premium payment reminder solution that facilitates debt collection processes in a seamless and efficient manner. Users can notify their clients via a variety of channels, including SMS, voice, email, and many others. Using Collectmaxx as a dunning automation tool will result in faster payments and lower costs. Do you think we could help your company? Please schedule a meeting to discuss the options further or contact Yana Valkov, Collectmaxx Product Owner. 

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