Collectmaxx – mass payment collection made personal

With Collectmaxx, we can offer businesses and debt collection agencies a reminder/dunning solution that lowers costs and increases customer loyalty by automating collection processes.  

In this series, we introduce our services and explain the ins and outs, including what they can do for your business. 

What is Collectmaxx?

Collectmaxx is a communication platform that offers a complete set of dunning tools that make it possible to get an open invoice paid faster, at lower costs.

This is achieved through a combination of expertise, process analysis, advanced automation, and continuous reporting of actionable insights that can be implemented to achieve even better results.

With Collectmaxx, you get access to:

  • Expert advice on how to get customers to pay. We examine your communication channels and optimize your messages for maximum results.
  • A wide range of payment reminders (50% of non-paid invoices are due to forgetfulness)
  • The ability to lower the bar for customers to take action by offering payment options that help invoices get paid faster. For example, customers can set up a payment installment plan with just a few clicks, without having to get on the phone with a person.
  • Results are delivered via a direct connection or in a way that enables you to automatically process the result (reducing the need for manual action).
  • A platform can be implemented globally, across different time-zones and with full support for different languages.
  • Reporting of insights that credit managers can act on.

Who is Collectmaxx for?

Trusted by debt collection agencies, major energy suppliers, telcos and global multinationals, Collectmaxx is the best platform on the market for firms who want to automate their invoicing and manage late payments as efficiently as possible.

The benefits of using Collectmaxx

The faster an invoice is paid, the better. Collectmaxx enables a wide range of communication channels that can be used individually or combined:

Collectmaxx features include:
Voice Fully automated and mass customizable natural sounding high definition voice calls that take the pressure off of call centres and allow agents to focus on those debtors who really need extra attention. Alphacomm voice calls are available in all languages.  

EmailAutomated emails, in a brand’s look & feel with an email sender address that is customized to match the company domain. A customer receiving the email recognizes it as legitimate, trusted and familiar, which results in higher mail open rates as well as improved conversion rates.

These emails can be implemented as digital invoices or payment reminders. They include a custom payment link, so it’s always easy for customers to pay the open invoice.

Moreover, with embedded audio functionality (optional), recipients can listen to the email they received in different languages, further boosting conversion rates.

SMS SMS messages are hard to miss and even harder to ignore. With Alphacomm SMS reminders, debtors receive an SMS on a company’s behalf, regarding their open bill together with a direct link to make the payment or request a payment arrangement.
Interactive video remindersInteractive video is the equivalent of a Swiss army knife in the dunning process. A slickly produced animated video, with clear audio and easy-to-read subtitles, guides the viewer towards the payment of the debt. As it’s interactive, viewers can pause or replay the video anytime and as often as they need. The videos are personalized for every recipient.
QR code remindersQR codes are an easy way to share personalized URLs on any medium. Include them digitally in an email or print them on a paper letter. To make their way to the secure payment page, all customers need to do is scan the QR code.
Paper letter remindersSometimes digital automation is not the go-to choice. For companies that need to distribute paper letters en masse, we can help take care of the entire process and introduce efficiencies that lower costs and boost revenue. Alphacomm is also able to enhance traditional paper letters with special features like scannable QR codes.

Trusted by leaders

Collectmaxx is being used in a wide range of industries. Collectmaxx customers range from utility companies and municipal institutions to insurers and healthcare providers. Our solution is trusted by the world’s leading brands. Arvato Bertelsmann group, Gazprom, Athlon, Rabobank, Sure are successfully using Collectmaxx in select markets.

More information on Collectmaxx?

For more information on Collectmaxx, feel free to contact Daniël Schurr. As the Collectmaxx Product Owner at Alphacomm, Daniël is looking forward to helping you with any questions you might have regarding Collectmaxx, our reminder/dunning solution.

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