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Lower your costs and boost your revenue by automating your call centre with conversational AI technology.
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Introducing the Digital Assistant

Boost your revenue, lower costs and improve customer satisfaction by fully automating your call centre with conversational AI.



Choose Digital Assistant if you’re looking for:

Lower costs

DA automates repetitive processes and eliminates human error, greatly reducing overhead costs and improving efficiency of call centre staff.

Improved CX

DA is able to scale up or down to meet the demand in real-time. Callers never need to wait in line and always get the answer they were looking for. 

Higher revenue

DA helps your customers find a fitting custom payment arrangement quickly, increasing the average conversion rate and boosting revenue.


As a digital cloud-based solution, DA helps you reduce your carbon footprint and the waste involved in traditional office call centre operations. 

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Digital Assistant by Alphacomm is an intelligent digital assistant that easily handles all inbound phone calls, performs ID Checks and offers solutions such as payment plans and much more, all without human intervention. Give your staff (and your balance sheet) room to breathe and save on operational costs while also improving your service with 24/7 availability. The future of customer service is here!

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DIGITAL ASSISTANT was built for you

Call centres are under increasing pressure to improve results while also minimizing overhead costs.

Common problems of call centres

  • Long waiting lines and call dropouts
  • Efficiently distributing call centre staffing to handle peaks
  • Time spent answering oft-repeated  ‘easy’ questions reduces the time available for complex cases
  • Time spent collecting customer information in order to help them further
  • Human inefficiency and errors in asking the right questions, leading to incorrect routing of calls
  • A lack of multilingual staff to help customers with language barriers
  • The limitations of IVR (no intelligence / inability to adapt to situations)

Benefits of Digital Assistant

  • Agents no longer ‘waste time’ answering repetitive questions
  • Waiting times are eliminated; the end of lost calls and dropouts
  • Call load is reduced by about 30%-60%
  • 24/7 availability – ‘support hours’ are a thing of the past
  • DA can handle the ID check and data collection so that human staff is only needed (and always free) to handle the most complex cases
  • DA can be used to ‘auto-inform’ every caller at the start of the call when there’s an issue such as a service outage etc
  • DA has been built from the ground up with debt collection as its main focus

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